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Accounts payable turnover ratio

In fact, Simple Mills, a leading healthy snack provider recently gained access to powerful analytics by adopting the MineralTree platform. The company can now look into important metrics, including spend-by-vendor, which allowed them to model various business scenarios. They can view what happens if they extend payment terms or ask for early pay discounts with certain suppliers. Insights into payment data offered by MineralTree analytics have led to improved business decision-making for the company.

  • An incorrectly high turnover ratio can also be caused if cash-on-delivery payments made to suppliers are included in the ratio, since these payments are outstanding for zero days.
  • Regularly evaluating accounts payable turnover can help ensure that it remains at a healthy level, and supports the overall financial stability of the company.
  • The “Supplier Credit Purchases” refers to the total amount spent ordering from suppliers.
  • Account payable turnover is crucial for businesses as it measures the efficiency of their payment cycle and provides insight into opportunities for optimizing cash flow through favorable credit terms.

You’ll see whether the business generates enough revenue to pay off debt in a timely manner. To get the most information out of your AP turnover ratio, complete a full financial analysis. You’ll see how your AP turnover ratio impacts https://quick-bookkeeping.net/ other metrics in the business, and vice versa, giving you a clear picture of the business’s financial condition. A low AP turnover ratio could indicate that a company is in financial distress or having difficulty paying off accounts.

Understanding DPO and turnover ratio for a SaaS business

This number tells us the company paid off their accounts payable 6.67 times during the year. The significance of the number will heavily depend on the other financial information related to the company as well as what industry they’re operating in. That means the company has paid its average AP balance 2.29 times during the period of time measured. That all depends on the amount of time measured, along with current AP turnover ratio benchmarks and trends over time in the SaaS industry. The Accounts Payables Turnover ratio measures how often a company repays creditors such as suppliers on average to fulfill its outstanding payment obligations.

  • However, if calculated regularly, an increasing or decreasing accounts payable turnover ratio can let suppliers know if you’re paying your bills faster or slower than during previous periods.
  • For example, get the beginning- and end-of-month A/P balances if you want to get the A/P turnover for a single month.
  • For example, if your company negotiates to make less frequent payments without any negative impact, then the turnover ratio will decrease for that reason alone.
  • Overall, it is beneficial to analyze these two ratios together when conducting financial analysis.

For example, companies that obtain favorable credit terms usually report a relatively lower ratio. Large companies with bargaining power who are able to secure better credit terms would result in lower accounts payable turnover ratio (source). The accounts payable turnover in days shows https://kelleysbookkeeping.com/ the average number of days that a payable remains unpaid. To calculate the accounts payable turnover in days, simply divide 365 days by the payable turnover ratio. Improving your AP turnover ratio is crucial to managing cash flow and ensuring that your company is financially healthy.


Therefore, over the fiscal year, the company’s accounts payable turned over approximately 6.03 times during the year. When vendors are conducting a financial analysis of a company, a low ratio could deter them from extending lines of credit. That’s also not matter how it’s paid from automated clearing house (ACH) payments, to check or corporate credit cards. A ratio that increases quarter on quarter, or year on year, shows that suppliers are being paid more quickly, which could indicate a cash surplus.

How to Calculate the Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio

For example, get the beginning- and end-of-month A/P balances if you want to get the A/P turnover for a single month. This ratio provides an early indicator of the areas in the business that need exploring and analyzing further. This way, you can develop reasonable spending habits and possibly capitalize on supplier opportunities, which might eventually give you https://business-accounting.net/ a competitive edge in the industry. As part of the normal course of business, companies are often provided short-term lines of credit from creditors, namely suppliers. In short, in the past year, it took your company an average of 250 days to pay its suppliers. Therefore, over the fiscal year, the company takes approximately 60.53 days to pay its suppliers.

Importance of Your Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio

But, it could also indicate that a business is making strategic financial decisions about upfront investments that will pay off later. Therefore, the average balance of accounts payable is the most accurate approach to align the timing mismatch. In most cases, however, using the ending balance does not make a significant enough difference unless there was a drastic change in the business model and efficiency of the company across the period. Therefore, the A/P days metric tracks the number of days it takes for a company to fulfill its obligation to pay its outstanding invoices owed to suppliers or vendors. DPO counts the average number of days it takes a company to pay off its outstanding supplier invoices for purchases made on credit. A limitation of the ratio could be when a company has a high turnover ratio, which would be considered as a positive development by creditors and investors.

A/P Days

AP turnover ratio is an indicator of a business’s short-term liquidity (i.e., cash flow), meaning it’s a calculation of the company’s ability to pay its short-term debts. The higher the accounts payable turnover ratio, the quicker the business pays off its debt. Accounts payable turnover measures how often a company pays off its accounts payable balance over a period of time, while DPO measures the average number of days it takes a company to pay its suppliers. Another important aspect the accounts payable turnover ratio might shed light on is your relations with the supplier, which can identify if you need to spend more time negotiating payment terms to gain an advantage. If supplier relations are strong, there could potentially be more opportunities to extend the line of credit, which can open many more possibilities. Considering how difficult it is to raise funds at the moment, being able to tap into a longer payment period could provide a bit of extra cash on hand, which could benefit the other departments.

How to analyze and improve your AP turnover ratio

To improve your accounts payable turnover ratio you can improve your cash flow, renegotiate terms with your supplier, pay bills before they’re due, and use automated payment solutions. A decreasing turnover ratio indicates that a company is taking longer to pay off its suppliers than in previous periods. The rate at which a company pays its debts could provide an indication of the company’s financial condition. Alternatively, a decreasing ratio could also mean the company has negotiated different payment arrangements with its suppliers.

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