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ZuluTrade Review Pros, Cons and Ratings

This will also allow you to monitor an individual for a while before copying. The ranking system of Zulutrade plays a crucial role when it comes to choosing forex broker reviews the best trader for copy trading. The Zulu Ranking system is completely computer generated which makes it free from any kind of human bias.

  • This does not mean that we cannot possibly improve it a little bit with our settings, but you definitely have to proceed with caution and after investigation.
  • Let’s start by taking a detailed look at the portfolio section, which is the one that opens by default when accessing the “My Account” settings.
  • You can follow these steps in a demo account first and see how it goes before you start trading for real.
  • You can choose any instrument in copy trade forex, cryptos, indices and commodities.
  • These are two very interesting ways to analyse equally interesting data.

ZuluTrade is excellent for both investors and traders though trading features and conditions including fees are reliant on the broker you choose to connect with ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade is a copy and online social trading platform, and was founded by Leon Yohai in the year 2007.Today, it is one of the leading social trading platforms in the world that offer services all across the globe. Its headquarters are located in Athens, Greence, and it is regulated by HCMC. Their journey started back in theyear 2007 with an aim to make forex trading accessible to everyone.

You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please note that also other features such as payment methods, base currency and fees depend on the broker chosen. None of the information on this website is investment or financial advice. The European Financial Review is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by acting on information provided on this website by its authors or clients.

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To this end, Zulutrade only allows regulated brokers to connect with their services. After you have found a leader you wish to follow, you can assign a specific amount you want to trade per signal you copy. For example, 20% would mean if the leader opened 1 lot, 0.2 lots would be opened in your account. On top of that, you can set a ‘Max Open Position’ for a particular trader. This plan is available to users signing up with Integrated and selected Co-Branded Brokers. Users who have an account or open a new account with one of these brokers can enjoy copy trading any number of Leader Strategies without being charged the monthly subscription fee.

With ZuluTrade Social Chart you will also be able to see when a trader opens a position directly on the chart. Review the markets available with your broker first, and these will be available with Zulutrade. Some examples though may include IC Markets if you are concerned with commissions, spreads and fast executions. Added to that, many traders go with AAAFX since they are already directly owned by Zulutrade. In fact, your AAAFX account should connect directly to the dealer once you have opened it.

Obviously, the lower the level of slippage, the better the quality of the signals replication for that trader, and the more uniform with his your performance will be. The blue line therefore shows the real life of the account, because it considers where the balance really went according to the accumulated losses with open positions each day. Time “Trading Timezone” in fact shows when these trades were opened. The operations are grouped according to the four time phases of the market, also called market sessions.

So, look at this data to get an idea, but then go to analyze in detail the reason for this value. The Safe feature is one of the best protection techniques ZuluTrade has in store. By activating the Safe feature, ZuluTrade considers and compares, from time to time, the most secure value between those set by the Trader and those set by you here in the “My Account” section.

Connecting a Signal Provider to your account

However, you must also meet the minimum account opening requirement of the supported broker you also choose to open a trading account with to connect with Zulutrade. No problem, all you have to do is check our ZuluTrade minimum deposit guide. The platform’s “ZuluTrade Account” and “Trade Account” are both free to use, as are the demo accounts. Instead, traders will be subject to trading fees leveraged by their choice of brokerage, which will vary depending on the platform used. ZuluTrade offers a variety of useful features & trading tools to its ever-expanding user base. Its copy and social trading features are the main draw, although the platform also supports manual trading.

IC Markets Broker Min Deposit

The majority of industry-leading brokers provide highly competitive commissions for traders using. Scrolling down we will be met with the Topics section where you can select around which Topic your problem is about, such as Affiliate Account, Investors Account, Getting Started, Forex Tools, and others. This is then followed by 3 Guides where each is designed for traders, investors, and affiliates. When depositing funds, investors once again will need to look at the minimum deposit amount allowed by the broker they have selected.

Top Brokers

AAAFx, a broker directly connected with Zulutrade, offers a maximum bonus of $3000 per client, depending on several conditions. This special Bonus expires and will be automatically removed from the account if it is not released within a period of 45 days from the date that it was credited. When it comes to ZuluTrade deposit methods, this will depend first on the broker you choose. The method you use may also limit the type of currency which you can deposit. At the end of the section you’ll find a comparison table regarding the deposit methods of some top brokers.

Property Investment: Better Than A Pension?

Then zulutrade said it could be a temporary server issue.Come on zulutrade, don’t push the blame to my broker without verifying properly first. If it’s a glitch on your side, you admit it, face it and try to work out a solution for me. If you want to get the lowest ZuluTrade spreads possible, then ECN brokers are generally the best option for getting lower spreads. Most ECN brokers have their spreads at or starting from zero pips on the major currency pairs. If the classic account is selected, the follower (person copying trades) will pay at the moment of opening the positions, and it will depend on the size of this position that you open. To get a clearer understanding of the role that ZuluTrade plays in forex trading, we recommend reading our complete ZuluTrade review, which explains the business model, services, advantages this company offers.

In 2014 following a complete redesign with many new features and hundreds of employees, they were growing at a great pace. 2015 was a great year for ZuluTrade as they were awarded with an EU Portfolio Management License from the European Union which gave added legitimacy and respect in the trading world. Current trading volume on ZuluTrade is over 1 trillion according to the official website. This makes it perhaps the largest forex signal copy trading service. As noted in our Zulutrade review, they are well regulated by the Greek Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC) which is ESMA compliant, and they also only link up with brokers who are also well regulated. ZuluTrade is also regulated in Japan (2014 – No. 1058 Member Associations / General Japan Investment Advisers Association).

In this tab you can see if there are and what are the details of the transactions that the Signal Provider has still open in the market at the time you’re analyzing. I wish that all those users to whom something like this happened to come back on their steps and correct their votes and comments. We are left with the last part of a ZuluTrade Signal Provider’s personal profile, that is everything we can find under the “Check my Moves” section in ZuluTrade. As already mentioned, the ZuluRank ranking, despite the ZuluTrade efforts, is definitely not a reliable model in order to support and strengthen your decisions. In addition, as you will see, there are often really exaggerated shocks in the Signal Provider’s positioning, which are usually recovered almost immediately in the short term. This is for sure one of the more dense tab for what it concerns the level of information that can be found in this profile section.

ZuluTrade Account Base Currency

Joining ZuluTrade is a simple process that should not take more than a few minutes if you already have a broker account supported by ZuluTrade. If you are unable to find the solution on your own, users can contact support representatives from ZuluTrade directly which are available 24/5. The options for this communication are live chat, hotline, and email support. Another advantage of this section is that ZuluTrade support can communicate in 23 different languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, German, Arab, and other languages. As it is a platform with a customer base spread across a number of regions and countries, ZuluTrade has put in place a multilingual customer support service. ZuluTrade supports a number of different languages, including English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Chinese and Japanese.

Classic accounts will be charged a small fee on every trade, whereas Profit Sharing accounts require a flat monthly fee, with fees only chargeable if you turn a profit. With so many new trading platforms bursting onto the scene these days, it has become more important than ever to ensure that you are trusting your trading portfolio with a fully licensed and regulated trading platform. The advantage of social and copy trading is that it gives you the opportunity to benefit from the skills and experience of expert traders. This is particularly important in a market that requires as much expertise as the stock market does. In the world of online trading and investment, it can often be difficult to keep track of all the new players entering the market.

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